Why People Want a Secret Door

There are many reasons people want a secret door in their homes. Sometimes people want a safe room/panic room. This is a place where your family can hide in the event of a break-in. This place is where any intruders cannot either a) find you or b) get to you. A panic room can be as simple or elaborate as a person wants to make it. Some people spend tens of thousands of dollars installing reinforced concrete walls and fireproof doors along with communications, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing separate from the rest of the house. Some people just use a large closet with a locking door. The lengths one goes to all depends on the level of security you or your family needs or wants. If you already have a panic room in your home is it easy for an intruder to find? Can they break through into your room easily? By installing a Secret Door your panic room becomes all that much more secure. No one can break into what they cannot find. If you do not have a panic room, but have thought it might be a good idea, we can be your resource. Whether you need a discrete contractor or a source for bulletproof wall panels Secret Doors can help.

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